About Fiscal Sponsorship

What do we call the program? Ignite

About Fiscal Sponsorship (what is it? how does it work?)
What is it?
JenLA’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program is a way for members to finance their short films, documentaries, pilots, feature films and other projects in a manner which allows for contributed production funds to be tax deductible, without themselves having to receive 501(c)3 status.

It is tool to allow members with approved projects to raise funds from third party donors for projects, while allowing these donors to deduct the full amount of their contribution from their tax returns. It is an alternative form of film financing geared specifically towards the independent filmmaker looking to make a film less than likely to receive traditional financing.

JenLA uses the Pre-Approved Grant Relationship (“Model C”).

How does it work?
JenLA members with pre-approved projects may raise funds from outside sources for use exclusively in the production and post production of their project. These funds are donated directly to JenLA, which in turn sponsors the production using the funds donated less a small administrative fee. Using this method, the contributions are tax deductible to the donor and the production receives the financing needed to bring their project to life.

As the Fiscal Sponsor for your project, JenLA does not take any ownership of your project, though we welcome any additional donations received from any revenues generated by the film. We do not interfere on your creative vision or control, unless the project breaks our standards and morals agreement as signed by the production prior to receiving project approval.

We do not place a lien on your copyright, or prevent you from future sales or profit from your project. Our primary role is to assure that the money you raise is being properly dispersed and used for the project as intended.

Projects We Sponsor (project criteria)
To qualify for fiscal sponsorship, the project must represent a positive contribution to the JenLA mission of supporting projects that can further the cause of creative expression within the entertainment community.

Each project will have to go through an application process and receive approval by a majority of the board of JenLA.

JenLA will not accept any films which would feature content deemed inappropriate for the JenLA brand.

To receive sponsorship, films must meet the following criteria:

Type of project:

  • Feature Film
  • Short Film
  • Music Video
  • Pilot
  • Teasers
  • Web Series
  • Documentary
  • Television Series

Budgetary requirements:

  • For Feature Films, a minimum budget of $15,000 is required
  • For Web Series or Television Series, a minimum budget of $2,500 per episode is required
  • For all other projects, a minimum budget of $2,500 is required

Other Requirements:
– All productions must have all standard clearances for all assets used in production.
– All feature films must have an E&O policy covering not less than 1 ½ the budget of the film.
– All productions must have sufficient insurance policies.
– No geographic requirement.

JenLA may have further requirements on a case by case basis.


In order to qualify for sponsorship, the project must be in the pre-production, production or post-production phases. At this time JenLA is not accepting projects in the early development stages.

At least one of the project’s named project directors will need to have a Social Security number (SSN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), Independent Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or other type of IRS registration.

Fees (what fees does JenLA charge?)
JenLA retains a small fee from the funds granted through our Fiscal Sponsorship program. This covers the cost of JenLA inclusion grants as well as running the program and managing donations to your project.

Project Review Criteria (Elements we look for in a project we will sponsor)
At JenLA, our mission is to facilitate impactful and responsible storytelling across various mediums. We strive to empower storytellers through the Fiscal Sponsorship Program by financially aiding projects with artistic/cultural merit that may not normally be able to draw commercial funding. We will be looking at projects that fit into this brand.

In order for your project to be considered

Some elements we will be looking at are:

Project meets JenLA’s Fiscal Sponsorship program eligibility requirements
A strong concept
A quality script
A well written treatment or pitch packet which gives a clear picture of the film’s story and themes.
High production quality.
A dedicated production team.
A clearly identified audience with a realistic plan for reaching and engaging that audience.
A strong fundraising strategy and the producer’s ability to achieve their financial goals.
A realistic budget demonstrating an understanding of filmmaking and the movie-making process.

There is of course an X factor which will largely be determined by the taste of the JenLA board and how it feels the project would fit in the larger JenLA picture.

Remember, film is a visual medium and you are asking us to associate your project with the JenLA brand so bring your A-Game and wow us!

No submissions are guaranteed, but as long as they meet the criteria mentioned about, all will be considered. If you’re not sure whether your project fits our criteria, please reach out to us via email, FS@jenla.org

Processing Donations (how are funds remitted?)

Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement (what the filmmakers is agreeing to)
When a project is approved for Fiscal Sponsorship, the filmmaker will enter into a signed agreement that requires the filmmaker to:

  • Keep proper books and records on the project’s finances
  • Use sponsored funds for project expenses only
  • Provide JenLA with proper and timely reports on project progress and finances as determined by JenLA
  • Comply with all points agreed to in the Standards and Morals contract you will sign with JenLA

How to Submit your Project?

Submissions should be sent via email to FS@jenla.org