Why a Jewish entertainment industry group?
In an industry populated by many leading successful Jews, it may seem odd if not superfluous to have a Jewish entertainment organisation. Yet despite our successes as individuals, Jews in entertainment do not function as a community.

Why is it important?
No matter what type of Jew you are, odds are your identity will have an impact on your career in the entertainment industry in some way. Whether you’re a screenwriter figuring out how it influences your voice, a director trying to shoot a feature while keeping Shabbat, a producer wanting to advocate for Israel or Israeli content, etc. JenLA provides a community of people going through similar journeys and speakers who share their honest experiences dealing with those issues.

Who are our members?
Our members work in film, tv, webseries, videogames, and commercials. They include producers, directors, writers, editors, agents, managers, development execs / assistants, PAs, actors, etc. Unfortunately we have limited resources and are unable to cater to the music, radio, publishing and fashion industries, or beginners, non-professionals, and students.

What are the qualifications for membership?
Membership is exclusive to professionals who identify as Jews and are actively working or have shown strong dedication to their chosen career in the entertainment industry. We base our decision on profiles on IMDb and LinkedIn, personal and portfolio websites, credits on project websites, Google search results, etc. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

JenLA is not just a networking event. Members who make strong connections and develop relationships with other members (i.e. go beyond just swapping business cards) end up helping each other out. Members have a history of helping each other find agents, managers, job leads, etc. Our best suggestion is come with an attitude of “What can I give?” rather than “What can I get?”.

Where does JenLA get its funding?
There is no annual fee for membership. A fee is charged per event which helps towards the cost, the rest comes from private funding and donations.