Potential Speakers

The Goal

JenLA aims to be the first and primary springboard destination for all Jewish LA based professionals working in the Entertainment industry. Our mission is to create a community that brings together Jews across all denominations, strengthens our members’ Jewish identity, and creates an environment where they support and guide each other in navigating the unpredictable nature of the field.

Attendees come away from the events inspired, enlightened, encouraged, invigorated, and connected to others.


JenLA is a broad banner under which speakers talk about whatever they’re passionate about. Advice, pivotal moments in their careers, life changing experience, their Hollywood philosophy, latest project, etc. Previous speakers have discussed how to take a meeting, the importance of developing your craft, and achieving long term career success, balancing work and family life, etc.

Event Timeline
  • 7:30pm – start, attendees arrive
  • 8:00pm – guest speaker begins talk
  • talk is usually 30-60 min followed by Q&A
  • then networking between attendees
  • In order to make our guest speakers as comfortable as possible we specifically request attendees not to ask for favours. e.g. to read their the script, pitch a project, etc.
  • Any interaction between the guest speaker and members beyond the event is at the sole initiative and discretion of the speaker.
  • Talks are NOT recorded in order to provide an free, open and intimate environment.

Springboard Questions*
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What’s a controversy in your field?
  • What’s a common misconception you’d love to clear up?
  • Why is this idea important, and to whom?
  • Who would disagree with you, and why?
  • How did you carry out this idea in your own work?
  • What’s the big idea behind your new project? How did you sell that idea to funders and collaborators?



Address: TBD

There is a parking place reserved right outside.

Map coming soon.

*  (Thanks to TED talks website)