Mr. Rosenman is the managing partner at the law firm of Katz Golden Rosenman LLP, representing clients in motion picture, television, publishing, videogame, merchandising, digital, and new media transactions including authors , writers, directors, actors, and producers.  Prior to joining KGR, he was an associate at Browning, Jacobson & Klein (1995 – 1997), a business negotiator for CBS Productions (1994), VP and General Counsel of GRB Entertainment (1993), an associate at Christensen, White, et al (1992), an associate at Walter, Conston, et al (1989 – 1992).  Mr. Rosenman lectured in Bible Studies at the Ziegler Rabbinic School and the Fingerhut School of Education at the AJU and he regularly leads workshops about Bible study, prayer, negotiation, leadership, effective communication techniques and songwriting.  An alumnus of the Wexner Heritage Foundation, Mr. Rosenman is the Co-Founder of LimmudLA and is a member of the Steering Group of Limmud International, an organization dedicated to the growth of learning, volunteerism and diversity in the Jewish community.  Mr. Rosenman is a 2014-2015 AJWS Global Justice Fellow.